The delicate question: we treat hemorrhoids at home

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The most delicate disease that everyone is ashamed to talk about is hemorrhoids. This disease brings a terrible torment to a person and it is very difficult to cure it, to anesthetize the more.

The most effective will be a trip to the proctologist, but for those who do not want to put their problem on display, there is folk medicine and her healing recipes. If folk methods of treatment of hemorrhoids do not help you, then postpone a visit to a doctor is categorically impossible, there is no further drag.

Very often hemorrhoidal nodes bleed, this fact should alert you in full, because blood loss due to hemorrhoids leads to a decrease in hemoglobin, that is, anemia. As a result, you will have to treat hemorrhoids with anemia, otherwise you risk your own life and health.

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We treat hemorrhoids at home:

1. The oldest way to get rid of hemorrhoids is the onion pairs. You need to drink laxative, cook a few heads of peeled onion, then put the pan on a stand mounted on the floor or small stool. Wrap the bowl with a towel so that the hole in the center remains through which the onion pairs will come out. Now you need to sit down so that a jet of steam is aimed at hemorrhoids. We must sit over the couple until he stops going. After the procedure, grease the area of ​​hemorrhoids with vaseline or any other moisturizer. To completely cure hemorrhoids, perform this procedure 3-4 times a week for one month.

2. Folk healers argue that the decoction of pochechaynoy grass will help to quickly eliminate hemorrhoids. In order to prepare this miracle broth, you will need a dry crushed pothygrass and pure boiled water. It is necessary to give broth to stand for about 2-3 hours and drink it instead of tea several times a day.

3. People who have suffered from hemorrhoids are advised to insert an ebonite candle for some time into the anus, which has healing properties and is able to relieve you of hemorrhoids. You can try this way, maybe he will help you.

Specialists argue that getting rid of hemorrhoids can be done with some nutrition that cleanses the intestines. If you are tired of living with hemorrhoids, it prevents you from not only coping with need, but also walking, running, lying and sitting, then you can use the advice to clean the intestines. In any case, do not delay the solution to this problem and if you can not handle yourself - trust the doctor.

The delicate question: we treat hemorrhoids at home
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