The stages of obesity

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Due to the degrees of obesity, the severity of the disease can be determined.

Obesity is a disease in which fat is accumulated excessively in the subcutaneous tissue and other tissues of the human body, which leads to an increase in the body weight of more than 20 percent of the ideal weight. In our time, overweight is observed in every third person living in developed countries of the world.

Previously, the degree of obesity was determined only by approximately the formula: normal weight =growth - 100 (for example, human growth is 175 cm, subtract 100, we get 75 kg). The resulting weight figure in kilograms should not differ by more than 10 kilograms on the smaller or larger side.

Also, to determine the levels of obesity used one more way: comparing the true weight of a person with his ideal weight, which should correspond to his physique and height. It was possible to calculate the normal weight according to the following formulas:

The stages of obesity
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