Deep caries: the consequences of irresponsibility

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Often, people are pulled with a visit to a doctor, sometimes ignoring even signs of tooth decay. Many seek medical help only when the toothache becomes unbearable. The consequence of such irresponsibility is the development of deep caries.

In the development of deep caries, widespread destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth, formed large carious cavities, affecting the deep layers of the tooth.

What is a deep caries

From the usual caries of the deep differs a strong lesion of dentin - a layer of dental tissue, which is under the enamel, including its nearpulparent part.

Tooth decay can affect the whole dentin layer, and then the pathological process can lower below - in the pulp of the tooth, pulpitis develops, which may cause the need to remove the tooth. Deep caries develops as a result of untreated or defective initial and middle caries of teeth.

Symptoms of deep caries

  1. Pain syndrome. The pain at the last stage of the caries is unstable and is associated with mechanical pressure on the tooth during eating or thermal irritation, if the food is hot or cold. When the action on the tooth stops, the pain usually goes away. Continuous toothache signals the development of pulmonary inflammation.
  2. Visually observed carious changes in the tissues of the tooth: darkening or blackening of the enamel, visible carious cavity, significant destruction of the crown of the tooth.
  3. Possible unpleasant odor in the oral cavity.

How to prevent the appearance of a caries

Prevention of the appearance of caries is not complicated - you only need to adhere to the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity, brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and evening, correctly selecting a toothbrush.

Visiting a dentist for prophylaxis of the oral cavity should be regular, especially if some changes in the tooth enamel (appearance of stains, darkening, etc.) have become noticeable, or there were pain sensations when exposed to the tooth.

It is also desirable to adhere to healthy eating, to restrict the consumption of simple carbohydrates (candy, sugar, sweets).

Deep caries treatment

Treatment of this stage of caries is a time consuming task. Under anesthesia, the carious cavity is cleared of damaged dentin tissues and is treated with antimicrobial substances. At the bottom of the cleaned cavity is laid a special gasket containing calcium hydroxide, it is done to prevent further destruction of the tooth under the seal and to educate the secondary dentin. Then the tooth is sealed.

With timely treatment, the tooth completely restores its functions and aesthetic appearance, completely passes the pain symptom. If the deep caries is left without treatment, then the inflammation will go on: first on the pulp tissue, causing acute pulpitis, and then even lower, provoking the development of periodontitis.

Deep caries: the consequences of irresponsibility

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