Dangerous vacation

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Going on holiday in exotic countries, we should not forget about such deadly diseases as plague or yellow fever.

Vacation season is in full swing, but many, going to popular resorts or traveling in exotic directions, do not suspect that fall into the epidemiological center of such dangerous diseases as plague, cholera and yellow fever. ROSCU recommends that travelers take precautionary measures.

Dangerous vacation: cholera

Since last year, the epidemic of cholera rages in Haiti, a new wave of morbidity was observed in May this year after heavy rains and hurricanes. Thousands of deaths have been registered, and since October last year more than 300 thousand people were ill with cholera. Man.

In the neighbors of the Dominican Republic, since the epidemic began, more than 1,500 cases of illness were registered in Haiti. Notable cases of disease rested here by tourists from Venezuela, Canada, USA, which were treated after returning home.

Also this year recorded cases of cholera in Malaysia, in particular in Sarawak, in the north of Kalimantan, and in Papua New Guinea. Traditionally, many cholera lesions are found in Africa, and their number is increasing due to the unstable political situation in many countries of the Black Continent.

Dangerous vacation: plague

Outbreaks of plague in the world are observed less frequently than cholera, but 2011 has already been noticed by such cases. At the beginning of the year, 23 deaths were recorded in northern Madagascar - in the area initially not endemic in the plague. However, in general, outbreaks of plague in Madagascar occur almost every year between October and April. At this time there is a change in the rainy season in the dry period, and as a result rodents devoid of food, go to the villages. Rats are known to be carriers of fleas, which in turn spread the pathogen of the plague - the plague pox (Yersinia pestis).

Last year, two plague cases were registered in the United States, in Oregon. The source of infection in this case became a dog that was infected with infected fleas.

Hazardous Vacation: Yellow Fever

The causative agent of yellow fever is arbovirus. Transfer his mosquitoes, from which the bite of a person is ill. Yellow fever foci are found in countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and many other countries in Africa. Therefore, when going to endemic areas, take vaccine against yellow fever, which protects against the disease very effectively.

Countries in Southeast Asia (including India and Thailand) are dangerous for such serious diseases as malaria, rabies, typhoid fever, dengue fever…

So, when making a holiday permit in dangerous regions, ask the tour operator what precautions you need to do.

Dangerous vacation
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