The dangerous truth about secondhand clothing

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The crisis in the country, low wages, catastrophic shortages of money make Ukrainians buy clothes, but in the sections of the sekon-hend, at the boutiques and specialized stores, many people do not even wonder. On the one hand, it's very good to buy some branded thing with a world-famous name at a low price, and on the other - the thing was used by another person and nobody knows what.

The most expensive with unsubstantiated price tags is children's clothing, especially if it is of good quality. Nothing remains for young mothers, how to go for the replenishment of a child wardrobe in a second hand. Children, since they are very mobile, dirty things, tear and so on, moreover, they grow very fast. It would seem that only newly purchased pants have already become too short and again it is necessary to buy others. Therefore, it is quite justified a campaign for things second-hand second-hand.

What are the benefits of things from second-hand:

1. Low cost and here the comments are superfluous.

2. The opportunity to buy a branded thing, which new costs ten times more.

3. There is a huge choice of things, such abundance and diversity is neither in the bazaar, nor in the usual clothing stores.

Cons of second-hand clothing:

1. Every thing is treated with a special remedy that can cause allergy to the skin not only in the child, but also in an adult, even if you five times it will overcome.

2. An unpleasant characteristic smell of secondhand clothing, which appears through the same formaldehyde for the treatment of tissues.

3. You do not know who was wearing this thing to you, so pick up different fungi or infectious diseases - it's easier than simple. In any case, you will not have to hand over every little thing to the laboratory, so you should be extremely careful not to wear anything from a second hand, without pre-soaking them in solution with soda and salt and not rubbing with powder or antibacterial soap.

To protect yourself from the "negative" of second-hand clothes, always thoroughly rinse things after washing, if you allow the cloth, then rinse with boiling water or boil at all for at least a few minutes. Always straighten things that were bought in second-hand, especially if it's clothes for children. Experts advise to store such things in a freezer chamber before you wash, so you will eliminate possible bacteria.

The dangerous truth about secondhand clothing
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