Danger of some useful health tips

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This article contains useful tips that are often encountered and, after checking, are not so safe and in some cases they can even harm you.

The first harmful advice: to work should be standing - Such an offer is put forward by those who have heard a lot about the harm of sedentary work. So there was an alternative - the offer to work standing. In some schools, on this wave, even tried to introduce "standing lessons". But this method did not get accustomed - the long standing position is no less harmful than sitting - the spine is experiencing serious stress, in the legs slows down the blood circulation and it becomes a real threat of varicose veins. And those who suffer from flat foot, continued to stand very uncomfortable - legs begin to hurt and bewilder.

The second harmful tip: egg yolks can not be eaten. Eggs, like no other product, are often the cause of various recommendations and objects of concern. One of the common thoughts is the bias on the expense of the egg yolk due to its cholesterol saturation. This led to the fact that some people began to throw or pour out the yolks after their separation, preferring only proteins. But the fear of cholesterol from yolk is stupidity. A pair of eggs a day can not harm the body. And remember - yolks contain important substances - lecithin, vitamins, peptides that are needed by humans.

Third harmful advice: everything should be washed and disinfected "Horrible" about ubiquitous bacteria - also a fairly common myth that refers to useful advice - experts urge to wash and sterilize everything. Definitely - the rules of personal hygiene need to be carefully and wash your hands regularly. But it is not necessary to prove it to fanaticism - frequent use of disinfectants will adversely affect the skin. After all, many liquids and gels contain alcohol, and it dry the skin and cause its cracking. By the way, it is more likely to lead to bacterial and microbial infections.

Fourth harmful advice: you need to do the unloading days. According to some experts, this is a newfangled trend, which has no scientific basis. To arrange such days makes sense only if you ate something stale. And at the same time, the digestive system and so quite properly copes with their duties.

The fifth harmful tip: milk is good for health. Many people attribute milk to a lot of non-existent beneficial qualities, considering it almost a panacea for many misfortunes. But scientists have found that milk… is dangerous. As it turned out, it promotes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which in the worst case can lead to heart attack and stroke. And also supersaturated with cholesterol - in one glass of milk contains 10% of daily cholesterol.

Danger of some useful health tips

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