Dairy cattle in newborns

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Did the child often cry and give up food? White plaques appeared in my mouth? Most likely, the cause is thrush.

Newborn baby milking is a disease of the oral mucous membrane caused by the Candida albicans fungus. It is a component of normal microflora. The disease develops if, under certain conditions, an uncontrolled reproduction of the fungus occurs.

Why does a thrush appear?

There are a lot of reasons for the development of the thrush. A baby can become infected with a fungus during maternal delivery, if she had candidiasis during her pregnancy. This infection is especially likely to be for children born earlier, because their immunity is not yet sufficiently developed.

In addition, the child can get infected with kisses on the lips and cheeks. Therefore, little children should not kiss in their faces.

The provocative factor is the frequent dislocation of the baby. In this case, his mouth maintains an acidic medium that is favorable for the reproduction of the fungus.

But the most common cause of the development of the thrush is the non-compliance with the basic rules of hygiene when feeding the baby. Many mothers lick a spoon, a nipple before giving it to the baby. You can not do this categorically!

It is necessary to monitor the health of the skin of the mammary glands, as candidiasis can be transmitted to a child and in this way.

What symptoms should be alert

The main symptom of the thrush is the appearance on the mucous membrane of the cheeks, tongue, ash, lips of white spots. A red rim of ignition is visible around them. When removing the plaque, a red irritated surface appears.

If you do not start treatment at this point, then the gradually white cheesy patina covers the entire surface of the mucous membrane. Subsequently, it acquires a yellowish or grayish color. The child becomes restless, pulls the pen in his mouth, cries. He hurts to suck, so he often refuses to breast. With pronounced candidiasis, an increase in body temperature may occur.

Newborn's dairy needs treatment, since damaged mucus is an input gate for infection.

How to treat thrombositis of newborns

In the first place, it is necessary to ensure that after feeding in the mouth of the baby there is no milk left. Milk protein is a wonderful medium for breeding fungus. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the mucous membrane of the cheeks and tongue from the remnants of milk or to give the baby to drink vodka.

The easiest, safe and well-known remedy for thrush is a solution of baking soda. It is prepared on the basis of a table spoon of soda on a glass of water at room temperature. Cotton swab moistened with this solution wipe the mucous membrane every two to three hours.

Folk medicine offers its own method of treating thrush. For this purpose, a teaspoon of honey is diluted twice with water, boiled in a water bath, and then the resulting solution lubricates the mouth. But such a natural remedy is not suitable for all kids. Honey is a strong allergen, and very many children suffer from these or other manifestations of allergy.

If the treatment did not produce results, the pediatrician appointed antifungal therapy. Cotton sticks, greased with a cream, handle the baby's mouth twice a day. As a rule, after 5-10 days of treatment all symptoms of the disease pass without a trace.

In the presence of candidiasis in a child on breast-feeding, the mother is also obliged to receive antifungal therapy. This is necessary to prevent mother-to-child transmission of infection.

Dairy cattle in newborns
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