Cyst tooth: treatment methods

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The jaundicid cyst, or tooth cyst, is a cavity filled with porridge or liquid contents. It is formed as a result of infection of the dental canals and requires serious treatment.

Tooth cyst is a protective reaction of the body in response to infections of the jaw and has resulted from this inflammation.

Its dense shell, formed around dead cells, isolates the hearth of infection from healthy tissues. However, as cyst increases, the cyst destroys the pericardial bone, resulting in serious complications.

Causes of tooth cyst formation

The most common causes of education in the jaw cyst are:

  • Injuries caused both by impact and due to excessive load on the teeth, for example, when nesting;
  • Poorly treated caries or pulpitis;
  • Diseases in which the infection enters the gum with blood flow, for example, genital heriitis;
  • Blemishes of teeth development.

Stages of development of maxillofacial cyst

Inflammation that contributes to the formation of the cyst of the tooth, occurs in periodontium. Infection leads to tissue growth: there is a granuloma, which later turns into a cyst.

In the early stages of tumors does not deliver any discomfort, but in the absence of cyst treatment will grow and affect adjacent teeth.

In overcrowded cases, the cyst can open, forming a candle stroke. This complication is accompanied by an increase in temperature, flux and severe pain.

Cyst Tooth: Diagnosis

In the early stages of the disease, external manifestations of cyst are absent. Identify education is possible only with X-ray diagnostics. That is why it is so important to visit a dentist regularly and take a panoramic shot of teeth.

Tooth cyst: treatment methods

Literally, ten years ago, the only way to treat cysts was to remove the tooth, followed by gum treatment with antiseptic agents.

Modern dentistry is aimed at tooth-preserving treatment. To get rid of cysts can be both therapeutic and surgical.

Therapeutic treatment of tooth cyst

  1. The most common therapeutic treatment of cysts is as follows: the dentist drills the diseased tooth, cleans the root canals, lays therapeutic paste there and puts a temporary seal. After a while the procedure is repeated. This method of treatment is effective only with cyst diameter up to 8 mm. You can talk about the success of treatment only after six months.
  2. Relative to the new therapeutic method of treating tooth cyst is depoforez. In the extended root canal, the dentist injects the hydroxide of copper-calcium. This compartment under the influence of a weak electric current penetrates into all hard-to-reach places of the tooth and destroys the hearth of infection. For complete treatment, at least three treatments are required.

Surgical treatment of tooth cyst

  1. The main surgical method of treatment is cystectomy. During the operation, both the cyst itself and the infected part of the tooth root are removed.
  2. When there is no possibility to preserve the dental root, conduct hemiosection. During surgery, the doctor removes the cyst, one of the roots and a part of the tooth above it. After the operation, the defect is eliminated using a crown.

After treatment it is necessary to monitor the dentist dynamically.

Cyst tooth: treatment methods
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