Cyst tooth in dentistry

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Dentistry today has found several options for the emergence of such a difficult situation as the treatment of tooth cyst.

Dental cyst in dentistry - a disease that is a spherical seal in the human body and is usually located around the root in the gums of the tooth.

What does a tooth cyst look like? Causes of the disease

Cyst is a formulation in the form of a capsule filled with liquid. Dentistry talks about the following possible causes of this problem:

  • Badly cured tooth;
  • Improperly sealed tooth;
  • Tooth injury;
  • Man's propensity to cyst formation.

By the origin of the cyst, the tooth is different. In general, dentistry faces radicular cysts. They are formed at the tip of the root of the tooth. It is especially dangerous when the patient is unaware of the presence of cysts. Sometimes it can reach enormous sizes and form a pus, which forms a fistula course (the channel between the cavity of the cyst and the external environment).

The most unpleasant thing is that this formation gradually displaces the tissues and leads to a violation of their function. In some cases, cysts can strike adjacent healthy teeth and ultimately they also have to be treated or removed.

Cyst Tooth: Treatment Methods

There are 2 ways to treat dental cyst - it's radical and conservative.

The radical method of treatment consists in removing the cyst's shell together with the tops of the root of the tooth, and the tooth itself remains. To do this, in the cavity of the mouth make a small incision, through which the bore cut off the tops of the root of the tooth and carefully remove the contents of the cyst with its shell. Then the formed cavity is filled with bone material, after which the wound is sewn.

If a conservative method of treating the cyst is performed, then it is necessary to unbundle the canals of the tooth, to treat with special tools, to introduce into the cavity of the tooth cyst a substance that contributes to the growth of bone tissue, which becomes visible on radiosurgery already on the 21 day after administration. Subsequently, the channels are sealed, after which the visible part of the tooth is restored.

What mistakes do people make when they have formed a dental cyst

If a patient is diagnosed with cyst, dentistry does not recommend:

  • Put warming compresses;
  • Make bandages;
  • Take any antibiotics without consulting your doctor.

In order for the doctor to be able to diagnose correctly, do not take anesthetics. If after removing the toothache for 12 hours it is not easier for the patient to return, consult your doctor again.

It is important to know that if you have tooth bones, you should not listen to the advice of friends, even if they encountered such a problem. First you need to contact your dentist so that he can give you proper treatment.

Cyst tooth in dentistry
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