Curves teeth: what to do

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Uneven teeth - this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also harmful to health. When a person is diagnosed with crooked teeth, what to do with it and how to avoid a deterioration of the situation, you should know the specialists. Nowadays there are methods of treatment, thanks to which the smile will be excellent.

An incorrect bite of the teeth not only spoils the appearance, prevents smiling, but also causes health problems. According to statistics, many people violate the bite, and some do not even suspect that they have crooked teeth. What to do to them in this case, few people know. An application to an orthodontist doctor will help to correct the bite within a relatively short time.

Consequences of curvature of the teeth

Curves teeth can lead to:

  • To various diseases of the digestive system due to difficulties with chewing of food;
  • To the occurrence of periodontal disease and caries. It is necessary to observe the hygiene of the oral cavity, which is difficult to do if the teeth curves;
  • To abrasion of the tooth enamel. Incorrect load on the teeth can lead to increased sensitivity, and after - and to the loss of teeth;
  • To irreversible changes in the structure of the jaws;
  • To psychological complexes. There are problems when communicating with people.

Causes of distortion of teeth

  • heredity;
  • Medical Occurs with any injuries, with poor development, rickets;
  • Bad habits of the baby. This can include sucking a finger, long use of a dummy;
  • Mechanical Inconsistency in the size of teeth and jaw. Due to lack of space, teeth are distorted;
  • Long use of soft food. The jaw can remain undeveloped due to the lack of constant loading.

It is necessary to visit the dentist periodically for a preventive examination, and if you have crooked teeth, what to do to correct them will be determined by a specialist.

How to fix crooked teeth

What to do with uneven teeth, tell orthodontist. It is this doctor who deals with similar problems.

The most common way is to put braces. These are special staples attached to the tooth row. The dentist occasionally tightens them to increase tension. Such a system is most often put to children of school age. If necessary, then for adults they are made individually. The use of braces has some inconvenience: it is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal, they have an unattractive look.

Elйнеры - more invisible removable plastic cape. They put pressure on their teeth, moving them in the right position. They are good ones that are little visible to others, more convenient at eating and hygienic procedures, safe for enamel of teeth and oral mucosa. However, not every problem can be solved with their help.

If permanent wearing of staples is not possible, dentists will make special attachments that are used at home and during sleep.

When treating dental curves, it's important to remember that doing this is as early as possible - so the procedure will be easier and cheaper. Levels of teeth are a guarantee of health and longevity.

Curves teeth: what to do
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