Cunning streptococcus: informed - means armed and protected

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Most often, the pathogenic infection enters the human body through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. First there is an inflammatory cell purulent in nature. In some cases, there is a necrotic phenomenon - death of affected tissues.

Streptococcal bacteria secrete enzymes that penetrate the human blood and lymph flow to get to the internal organs - the heart and the lungs.

Sometimes the disease gets even to the bone and the lymphatic system itself.

In the infected person there is a temperature, a headache, vomiting, and sometimes a disturbance of consciousness.

In rare cases, there is an allergic syndrome that affects the joints, heart, kidneys.

Let's try to elaborate a little on the symptoms: informed - it means armed. Consequently, scarlet fever manifests itself as a small rash on the body, a sharp increase in temperature, inflammation of the tonsils. Chills appear, general weakness and terrible headache appear. The maximum peak of skin rash occurs 2-3 days after the exacerbation of the disease.

Angina is manifested by the lesion of the tonsils, often palatine. Then you can develop tonsillitis and peritonillary abscess. And, most dangerous - sepsis.

Rose - this is also a kind of streptococcal infection. Her symptoms are very similar to other infectious diseases and are therefore difficult to diagnose. This is a temperature increase of up to 40 degrees, the appearance of weakness and chills, the appearance of severe muscle pain. A bright sign of the peaks is the appearance of skin inflammation with a bright color and a clear margin of lesion area.

Osteomyelitis is manifested in the form of purulent lesions of the bone marrow. Well, sepsis is the limit of pathological activity of streptococcal infection. It can be slowed down or be lightning-fasting - within 2-3 days the death of the infected person comes.

We will believe that this trouble will not affect you and your loved ones. Be extremely careful about your health and live healthy for a long time and happily.

Cunning streptococcus: informed - means armed and protected
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