Crying in the sleep after lunch: why cause

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Probably watching your sluggish and drowsy condition after dinner, you often ask yourself the question: "Why do you want to sleep after eating?" Let's examine this topic in more detail.

Often it happens that after a delicious and nutritious meal you would like if you do not fall asleep, then at least take a horizontal position and give your body a little rest. Moreover, this physiological feature does not depend on age and sex: after eating in the sleep, the young and old, and the elderly, both women and men, slip. Moreover, not everyone thinks about why we want to sleep after eating. Let's try to figure it out.

Why after eating I want to sleep: the first version

After a delicious dinner, eyes are always closed, a person relaxes, he does not want to move and even more work. Why do we want to sleep after eating?

  1. After taking food, blood flows to the digestive tract, which increases glucose levels in the blood.
  2. Glucose affects cells that produce hormone orexin, which causes drowsiness.
  3. When the blood flows out of the brain, brain activity weakens as a result of lack of oxygen, so we want to sleep after eating.

An important factor in the hypnotic effect is the amount and quality of the eaten food: if we overeat, the desire to sleep is only increasing. And to reduce it, you need to eat as much and the best meat dishes to replace light salads or soup.

Why do you want to sleep after eating: a friend's version

If you believe the results of research by British scientists, the reasons for the desire to sleep after eating are covered in another. They believe that in the human brain there are certain brain cells that work before food (so people feel cheerful and full of strength), and immediately after eating these cells stop functioning for a while.

An increase in the amount of glucose results in a cellular disruption, resulting in temporarily blocking the signals transmitted to the brain. This explains the reason why after eating, I want to sleep. Also, due to a violation of the operation of these cells, a person can not only fall asleep after eating, but also add weight.

Understanding the cause of his drowsiness after dinner, do not need to fall into the extreme and be afraid of lunch in general, meals should be mandatory and regular. As we mentioned above, to remain cheerful, it's enough to just adjust its menu. In order not to fall asleep in the workplace, instead of heavy dishes you need to choose something easier.

Now that we know the answer to the question why we always want to sleep after eating, it will be easier for us to cope with his drowsy condition and take our hands. It should also be remembered that excessive intake of any food can also cause drowsiness, so avoid overeating.

Crying in the sleep after lunch: why cause
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