Corsets as helps against pain in the back

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Initially, back pain and neck pain arise from the wrong posture. When we are moving, we walk, we have a direct posture, the head is supported by the correct position of the spine. When we sit for a long time, the head is imperceptibly advanced, because the muscles that support it are tired.

Yes, we still sit with a rounded lower back, shaking hands. This is usually due to the design of a chair or seat. Gradually the posture is spoiled and curvature of the spine is formed, the preconditions for its illness are created. Of course, this is not the only man-made cause for back pain.

The first thing to avoid in everyday life is the rounding up of the lower back when you sit in a soft chair, in the office at your desk or behind the wheel of a car. For this purpose, lumbar rollers with straps are available for attachment to the trunk or to the back of the chair, as well as without attachments - for sleep. For sleep, lumbar and cervical rollers are produced (they are different in volume), they are used as resistance during sleep during osteochondrosis. Surprisingly, such a simple device allows you to return a solid, healthy sleep. Other helpers of a strong sleep - orthopedic pillows and mattresses, which allow you to keep the natural curves of the spine during sleep.

Corsets against back pain

Often when doing work it is necessary to keep the head, neck or back in an uncomfortable position for many hours, as a result of which comes fatigue and pain. To prevent distortion of the spine, you can use the Disciple Planner or the Corrector posture. In more overdue cases, doctors recommend Corset healing from scratching. These devices fix the correct position of the upper part of the spine. In the process of work, you need to use short breaks to take the right pose and make up.

For people who already have spinal cord disease, it is very difficult to perform work, as back pain increases in the end of the working day. The medical industry produces devices - assistants against back pain. First and foremost, the Corset is a therapeutic for the back of various modifications and appointments.

Mostly other corsets are used for lumbar, sacral, anti-radicals. They differ in size, degree of compression and additional functions. The degree of compression is ensured by the presence of metal or plastic ribs, a screw device and the elasticity of the material from which they are made.

Elastic mech, developed specifically for the orthopedic industry, and materials recognized by the leading orthopedic companies, thanks to its compressive properties - Soft bertex, are used for manufacturing. These materials are breathable and moisture-absorbing, providing comfort when using.

Lumbar corsets are also available for use with lesions of the thoracic and lumbar spine. They differ in height. Lumbar corsets with neoprene have an additional function - a warming effect. There are models of lumbar corset with elastic plates, for less rigid fixation.

Apply a model based on the nature of the disease, according to the doctor's recommendation. It is not recommended for permanent continuous wearing corsets, even ideally suited for indications, to avoid atrophy of the muscles and disruption of the internal organs. It is best to wear a corset at work time.

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Corsets as helps against pain in the back
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