Correction of the teeth

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Correction of teeth solves many problems with the wrong bite and arrangement of teeth, corrects their functional and aesthetic parameters.

In order to maintain the health of teeth and gums, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene and carefully care for the oral cavity. Distorted teeth contribute to the delay of pathogenic bacteria, increasing the risk of developing diseases of the oral cavity. To solve this problem and to give a smile aesthetic look can be done using dental correction.

Reasons to correct teeth

Disturbed position of the teeth, wrong bite can be caused by various reasons. The most common congenital disorders that can be transmitted even through generations. The development of anomalies can provoke the peculiarities of the diet and the mistakes in personal hygiene, bad habits. When adentia (congenital absence of one or more teeth) or retention (delayed eruption), the correction of the teeth is shown first. It allows you to eliminate many functional and aesthetic defects.

Devices for correction of teeth and bite

Various devices that correct the position of the teeth, by the way of installation are divided into removable and non-removable.

  1. Removable hardware includes corrective plastic plates for the jaws. They are made individually, can be used for dental correction combined with non-removable devices.
  2. Non-removable equipment includes braces. They are installed in the oral cavity for the entire period of treatment. Technologies allow to make miniature braces, which are selected individually, taking into account aesthetic and therapeutic requirements. These devices are more often made of metal alloys, there are ceramic or sapphire braces. The latest achievement in the field of orthodontics - passive self-tightening brackets, which can significantly reduce the time of treatment.
  3. The so-called invisible orthodontics means the use of plastic drops. Dental correction is achieved by applying a series of individual drops, varying at intervals of 2 weeks. In contrast to the techniques of classical orthodontics, methods of lingual orthodontics involve the installation of corrective devices on the inner part of the dentition.
  4. One of the latest dental achievements is the use of vinyl dentures - the latest variety of microprosthetics. The thinnest plates are attached to the surface of the teeth with very strong cement.

For correction of teeth and bite to be guided when choosing a method can be different considerations. But still, a decision in favor of one or another method of treatment should be taken with the help of a qualified specialist.

Correction of the teeth
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