Correction of bite in children

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At what age should you seek counseling to an orthodontist? Is it appropriate to wait for a period when milk teeth will be replaced by permanent roots? A lot of young parents are interested in similar issues. One of the main concerns of parents concerned about the condition of their children's teeth is when it is necessary to pay special attention to correcting bites in children.

Today, more than 50% of children suffer from various dental ankles, including irregular bite. Therefore, currently correction of bite in children - a fairly common and simple procedure. Parents should understand that improper development of jaws and teeth in the future can provoke the appearance of problems with the health of the child. Therefore, when the child reaches 3-4 years, parents must necessarily show their orthodontist doctor, precisely in this age period the bite from the milk tooth has already been formed and the doctor can really appreciate it - whether it is necessary to resort to correction of bite in the child or not.

The main factors of the wrong bite:

  • If a child at 3 years of age constantly sucking a finger, then from this habit it is necessary to get rid of - otherwise in the future correction of bite can not be avoided;
  • If you feed the baby from a bottle, be sure to note that the hole in the nipple is minimal, otherwise the baby will not work with the jaws;
  • It is necessary to pay special attention, that the kid during a dream did not lay under a head a palm and did not sleep constantly in one posture. Because this may affect the further correction of bite in children;
  • It is better not to remove milk teeth, as it can affect the wrong growth of root teeth. It is advisable to turn to the dentist for this.

All these factors lead to improper development of bite in children, so you need to be extremely attentive to your kids. It should be noted that orthodontics is now very much taken a step forward, and correction of occlusion at an early age today does not deliver any problems. The correct bite is very important both from the aesthetic side and from the point of view of the child's health. An incorrect bite in children has such effects as:

  • Increased jaw and teeth load during meals. Subsequently, this leads to periodontal disease;
  • Diseases of the temporomandibular muscles and joints, which entails a click on opening the mouth, pain when chewing, headaches;
  • Crooked teeth and deterioration of the person's profile.

To date, the main methods for correcting the wrong bite in children are - special plates and braces.

Removable metal plates

In order to equalize teeth in children, mainly used special removable metal plates, consisting of a metal base adjacent to the upper sky, hooks fasten for the teeth and metal guides. Such plates specify the growth of root teeth in the right direction.


You can also use braces to correct bite in children. But this method is best suited for teens. In addition, today braces are made in different colors or even with crystals. Therefore, today's guys and girls are now perceiving braces is absolutely normal. Parents need to remember a very important thing: the sooner you turn to a doctor, the easier and faster the correction of bite in children is made, which is a very important factor.

Correction of bite in children
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