Correction of bite by capo

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In the modern world, a beautiful appearance has become synonymous with success, so so many people want their smile to be perfect. Correcting the bite of the capo is indispensable when it is necessary for orthodontic treatment to be invisible.

Modern dentistry offers its patients several options for correcting bite and teeth alignment, and one of them is the correction of the bite of the hood. By individual casts, made by a specialist on your teeth, a biopolymer construction is made, which provides comfort with long wearing.

In the future, according to the first model Kapi will be made other designs, which you will change every 2-3 weeks during the treatment. The term during which you can achieve a positive result in correcting the bite with the help of a cappuccino, is from a few months to 2 years. Duration of treatment depends on the complexity of each particular case.

Benefits of using the CAP

In comparison with other methods of correction of the denture series, the correction of bite honey has several advantages:

  • Kappa has no harmful effect on the tooth enamel;
  • Can not cause mechanical damage to the teeth;
  • Cap can be used to whiten teeth;
  • Kappa will decorate your smile if you make it on an individual order;
  • She is imperceptible to her teeth;
  • Easy to remove if necessary (during eating or brushing your teeth).

When it is possible to correct the bite of the hood

The purpose of correction of the bite of capons is expedient when minor correction is required:

Correction of bite by capo
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