Correct shoes: a health badge for diabetes. shoes for diabetics

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Many diabetes patients are well aware of what footwear they should wear, but they do not. Shoes for diabetics - an important component of good health.

Prevention of diabetic foot syndrome is to adhere to the rules of care of the feet and the wearing of the appropriate footwear. Shoes for diabetics is very important.

However, as recent studies have shown, many patients simply do not adhere to these rules. This leads to painful and potentially dangerous ulcers, which in some cases can lead to amputation of the lower limb.

Perfect shoes for diabetics do not exist, but some shoes are perfectly suitable for the prevention and mitigation of peptic ulcer in diabetes.

Prevention of diabetic foot. The right shoes for diabetics

The research was conducted by researchers from the clinic at the University of Benin (Nigeria). It was attended by 41 patients with type 2 diabetes at the age of about 57 years. To all volunteers, scientists asked questions about taking care of the stomp and habits of wearing shoes. Part of the news received by the researchers was on the right level:

Correct shoes: a health badge for diabetes. shoes for diabetics
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