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Importance Of Straight Teeth & A Correct Bite (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

A proper bite is an important component of human health. Thanks to him we can talk and eat without any difficulty. Usually bite is formed even in childhood, although pathology may occur in an adult.

It is common sense to call dental rows with full contact between the upper and lower jaw. At the right occlusion of the load when chewing is distributed evenly, which provides a long service life of teeth.

Causes of distortion of bite

Causes of bite pathology can be both endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external). Internal causes are usually caused by problems within the body and include:

  • Genetic factors;
  • Endocrine factors.

The cause of the distorted bite may be an hereditary factor, with violations of the development of teeth and jaw in parents, these anomalies can be observed in children.

The endocrine system has a great influence on the formation of the facial skeleton. The fundamentals of the endocrine system are laid down during the period of prenatal development, so any deviation from the development can provoke violations and the structure of the dental-jaw system.

Apart from these factors, the correct bite depends on the period of teething, on the duration of breastfeeding, on the presence of such harmful habits as sucking fingers. An incorrect bite can occur due to the frequent use of soft food, when the teeth do not get proper load.

Bug fix

Modern medicine can cope with the wrong bite not only in childhood, but also in adults. Bite fix is ​​a long process. For this purpose special systems are used - removable and non-removable:

  • Plates;
  • Trainer;
  • Functional apparatus;
  • Braces

One of the most common ways of correcting a distorted bite is the use of braces. They can be metal, plastic, ceramic or sapphire. The shapes are reminiscent of arches connected by a lock, which with the help of a special glue stick on the teeth. Lingual braces are completely invisible, as they are fastened on the inside of the teeth. For several years, braces will turn you into a perfectly correct bite.

The advantage of braces is that they do not cause injury to the tongue, cheeks or lips, they are small in size and have a good, neat design, do not affect dictation, more effective than other means of moving the teeth to their place, thus creating a proper bite.

Why is the right bite so important?

Lack of proper bite and even teeth can cause a complex inferiority. Correction of bite has not only aesthetic value, but also is the prevention of many diseases of the oral cavity. With proper bite, the teeth are healthier.

Thus, it is possible to level the crooked teeth at any age, just in adults, this process will go longer because the jaw of an adult is fully formed.

In Europe, wearing braces is an aesthetic treatment and is even prestigious. Moreover, modern systems can be completely invisible. Ideally, you will get perfect level teeth and a beautiful smile.

Correct bite

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