Modern dentistry: to remove tooth does not pain

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Almost every person in his life is faced with the need to remove the tooth. Those who own such a procedure for the first time, are interested in the question of how painful it is to remove a tooth.

In modern dentistry, tooth extraction is the most extreme way of solving the problem. The tooth is removed only when it is impossible to save it or when it injures a cheek, a tongue, a gum. Tooth extraction is a surgical operation, so many people are afraid that it will hurt to remove the tooth.

Indications and contraindications to tooth extraction

There are many indications for tooth extraction surgery.

  1. The inability to restore the tooth as a result of its total or partial destruction by caries.
  2. Destruction of the ligamentous apparatus when it is not possible to keep the tooth in the gums.
  3. Wrong placement of teeth.
  4. Supplementary teeth.
  5. Preparation for bite adjustment.
  6. Need to remove to install the prosthesis.
  7. Development of cyst and sinusitis.

There are contraindications to tooth extraction.

  1. Acne
  2. Aggregation of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. To stomathe
  4. Tumors of malignant nature.
  5. Aggravation of mental illness.

Why not hurt to remove a tooth

In order to remove the tooth was not painful, there are methods of anesthesia. You can choose anesthesia directly to the place of removal. If necessary apply and local anesthesia, which excludes any painful sensations.

An operation for removing a tooth is made by an experienced dentist-surgeon. First, the tooth and tissue lying around it, treated with antiseptic. Then they have anorexia. The doctor imposes tongs on the root of the tooth, shakes the tooth, separating it from circular communication. The bulb of the tooth extends, it is separated from the ligament. After that the tooth is easily removed. With the help of cotton balls the edges of the hollow are compressed. The wound is quickly filled with clots of blood.

In the case of an unusual form of the tooth or complex structure of its roots, produce teeth cut into fragments. After that, it is removed in bits. This procedure greatly simplifies tooth decay.

After removing the tooth, the main thing is: do not disturb its well. In some cases, it is not so painful to remove the tooth, as the process of healing the well. If you have pain after removing the tooth, you can take an analgesic. In 2-3 hours you can not take food. The next day, two need to refrain from taking alcohol. One day after removal, you should rinse with salt water in the morning. After a couple of weeks the morning will grow, and the person will completely forget about its existence.

It happens that tooth extraction can not be avoided. Many people are afraid that tooth will remove the pain. But modern medicine has a wide range of anesthetics, which practically have no side effects. An experienced physician will select the medicine correctly and take the removal procedure.

Modern dentistry: to remove tooth does not pain
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