Contact dermatitis: treatment

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Contact dermatitis is caused by skin contact with irritant substance. Moreover, if the development of the disease after such contact involving immune mechanisms, then talk about allergic contact dermatitis, which usually runs more powerfully and persistently compared with a simple contact dermatitis.

The manifestations of dermatitis depends not only on the strength and type of stimulus, but also on the defense reactions, the degree of its sensitivity to it. For acute dermatitis characterized by redness, swelling of skin lesion, rash with blisters, erosions, weeping. The process ends with peeling, sometimes there is pigmentation. With characteristic sensations pain, burning, skin tension, sometimes malaise, fever, functional disorders of the nervous system.

Treatment of allergic contact dermatitis system includes three principles: first - removing allergen or irritant substances, then - drug therapy of acute allergic manifestations of the disease and the third -hiposensibilizatsiya (reducing hypersensitivity), diet and climatic off during periods of exacerbations. Most importantly - stop the receipt of allergen in the body, stop contact with the patient with him. If this fails, then all other measures may be powerless. For example, if allergic manifestations are caused by some kind of food, then you must necessarily exclude it from the diet. The best known food allergens: fish, eggs, chocolate, nuts, oranges, strawberries, eggs, honey. It is more difficult to exclude cow's milk from the diet of young children, if they have allergies, and replace it with soy. In the case of an allergic reaction to medicines, it is necessary to immediately stop taking the medication and never again take it. If the disease is associated with household allergens (domestic dust, synthetic finishing materials, animal hair, feathers of birds), then you need to try to change the conditions in the apartment and eliminate the maximum possible number of allergens.

One of the forms of allergic contact dermatitis is photodermatosis, which occurs due to contact with sunlight. This usually affects open areas of the body: the face, neck, upper body, the back side of the brush. In mild forms of allergic contact dermatitis, the local treatment is prescribed by corticosteroid ointments, creams after washing the foci with antiseptic solutions. In more severe cases, prescribe antihistamines (peritol, fenkarol, telfast, semipress, zirtek). For young children, antihistamines are available in drops and syrups, the drug is manufactured by a physician. Medicines have side effects and contraindications. Sometimes in children there is a reverse reaction - instead of the expected drowsiness, anxiety develops, in which case the given medicine can not be given to the child. Advantage should be given to preparations of the new generation (eryus, zirtek, etc.) - More effective and safe.

Treatment of contact dermatitis

Treatment of simple contact dermatitis is only external, after contact with the allergen is excluded. It consists in the restoration of damaged skin. Problem is the treatment of contact dermatitis in the hands. There are several reasons: either it is impossible to determine the allergen or to exclude it, or it is impossible to change the work due to social reasons, or it is impossible to change the living conditions in which the skin of the hands systematically tastes. In addition, contact dermatitis in the hands reduces the quality of life of the patient, so it is mandatory to appoint a sedative (soothing) therapy.

Possibly treatment of contact dermatitis by means of folk remedies. A decoction of burdock roots in the form of compresses is used for dermatitis and skin rashes, for this a tablespoon of crushed burdock roots are poured with two glasses of boiling water, boiled for 30 minutes, cooled and filtered. Oil of rose hips or oil extract from the pulp of its fruits (carotolin) and butter and St. John's wort is also used as compresses on the cells. For the relief of the condition with dermatitis, you can use in the form of washing a series of medicinal plants, dandelion, hops, gold mines. A powerful means of folk medicine is the aspen bark. For dermatitis with a needle, apply compresses from the decoction of crushed bark (1 tablespoon of bark of corm pour 2 cups boiling water, boil for 20 minutes, cool, strain), and for damage with dryness, apply ointment: a strong decoction of asparagus crust - 1 teaspoon, internal pork Fat - 1 tablespoon, mix thoroughly, whipping into a homogeneous mass.

With properly chosen treatment, the manifestations of contact dermatitis (any form of it) go away for about two to three weeks. In those patients with contact dermatitis associated with professional duties, the disease becomes chronic.

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Contact dermatitis: treatment
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