A constant stress state can be the cause of loneliness

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Ordinary physical activity or heat contributes to the work of the exocrine glands, and "stressed" sweat is produced by apocrine glands. The bacteria on the skin surface are mixed with sweat, the composition of which consists of water and a small amount of salt, resulting in a very ridiculous ambergris around the body.

The authors of the new work found that a woman who smells "stressful" afterwards, other people perceive as an unreliable, incompetent and uncertain person.

In the course of the research, experts took samples of three types of sweat in women: sweat that emerged after a stressful situation, a sweat that came out after physical activity, as well as sweat that emerged as a result of intense mental activity after five minutes of preparation for public speaking.

Women, whose sweat pattern was obtained after exercise, first took advantage of a deodorant. Then the volunteers who performed as a spectator demonstrated a video on which the participants of the study performed their daily work: they cleaned the house, looked after the children and worked in the office. The whole process was accompanied by appropriate flavors.

After that, all viewers were asked to rate women who will appear in the frame and their work. As a result, it turned out that the "stress" sweat brought the participants to the idea that women do not feel confident in their abilities, they are unreliable and incompetent.

A constant stress state can be the cause of loneliness
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