Difficult tooth removal

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A complicated tooth extraction is called an operation in which the surgeon-dentist uses special tools or equipment. In the case of a simple removal, the extraction of the tooth is done with the help of dental tongs and elevators.

Removal is considered to be an ultimate measure, which is used by dentists for teeth that are not subject to treatment and restoration. In the presence of inflammatory process, any surgical intervention is more difficult to tolerate the patient.

In other words, it is better not to wait for the appearance of acute pain, but to seek help from dentists immediately when the patient's tooth is detected. Firstly, it is likely that he will be able to save; And secondly, even if there are indications for removal, the planned extraction of the tooth will be less painful; Third, the postoperative period will be shorter and easier.

As a special equipment for complex tooth extraction, drills, dental saws, various ultrasonic and piezo-surgical devices are used.

Difficult Tooth Removal: Indications

As a rule, indications for difficult tooth extraction are:

Difficult tooth removal
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