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To date, color vision lenses are absolutely safe. They are not only intended to correct vision, but also can radically change the color of the eyes.

Colored eye lenses were described in 1508 by the famous genius of Leonardo da Vinci. He described eye lenses that would be able to change the optical properties of the eye. F. Müller already in 1887 created the first glass lens for his patient. It was designed to protect the eyes from loss of moisture after the removal of the century. In 1947, K. Tauhi was able to develop a first contact lens of a small size, which allowed many people to get rid of the complex associated with wearing glasses.

Color lenses for sight. Species

To date, color contact lenses exist in two versions:

  • With diopters, capable of correcting vision with myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism;
  • With zero diopters, which are intended only to change the color of the eyes.

This choice gives consumers the opportunity to use colored lenses not only to change the color of the eyes, but also to correct the vision. Color lenses can help change your image and give you the opportunity to try a new image. To do this, you only need to choose the desired shade or color of the lenses.

Means of eye lash shades are often used to change the shade of a light iris. Such lenses look very natural and, as a rule, there are three colors - turquoise, green and blue.

The colored lenses are more intensively colored and immitate iridescence. They are quite capable of changing the color of even the darkest eyes. Color lenses are different in color technology and can be both single-colored and more complex color from three colors with a dark border on the outer edge, as well as a smooth transition of coloration to the central part. Such lenses give the eyes an expressiveness and uniqueness.

Color lenses are, in most cases, created with the condition of a monthly scheduled replacement to ensure visual safety.

There are also decorative colored lenses that can give the eyes an absolutely amazing color (dollars, wolf or cat eye, flame, flowers and more). Such unique decorative lenses attract the attention of others to the owner of unusual eyes.

Useful Information

Do not be afraid that color vision lenses can be dangerous. Due to the fact that the paint of the lens is poured into the inner layer, it completely eliminates the contact of the pigment with the surface of the eye. Also in the production of lenses are used materials that provide a comfortable sock due to maximum softness.

It is necessary to observe safety rules when using contact lenses and to take all measures to care for them:

  • Before wearing lenses, always wash hands;
  • Keep lenses clean;
  • Removing contact lenses, they must be cleaned, disinfected and rinsed in special solutions recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Store lenses in a disinfectant solution.

Color vision lenses are highly sought after among women, but because when picking up cosmetics, you need to remember about the presence of lenses. For example, shadows may be scalded or contain heavy sequins that can damage both the lens and the eyelids when exposed to the lens.

Color contact lenses

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