Cold will help fight wrinkles - news of cosmetology

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American aesthetics suggest not to poison the nerves responsible for facial wrinkles, as botox does - but to freeze them. They were able to aim at disabling "unnecessary" nerves, without interfering with the functional or adjacent tissues. The new technique received the general name "Oriented cold therapy" and the commercial name is Myoscience. The procedure is absolutely non-invasive and is carried out on an innovative device for cryotherapy.

Myoscience was tested on 41 patients, which, with its help, eliminated wrinkles on the forehead. The skin condition of women was evaluated many times in weeks and months, and in general, Myoscience was highly appreciated by experts.

Freezing of nerve is allowed for use in pregnant women, and also shown to patients who had previously received botulinum toxin injections. In addition to the above advantages, this therapy will also be more affordable due to the "cheapness of the cold" compared with the procedure of extraction and purification of botulinum toxin.

True, as well as the beauty of the joints, oriented cold therapy - a procedure that requires repetition: over time, nerves restore the transmission of signals, so they need to re-lock.

Cold will help fight wrinkles - news of cosmetology
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