Protect against colds

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With the onset of the cold season, most offices and school classes are empty in the eyes. District therapists are forced to send to the hospital more and more adults and children killed by colds. But protection from colds can help avoid this unpleasant disease and cope with a virus attack in the most adverse time of the year.

What is a cold?

Colds are a group of acute infectious diseases caused by several types of viruses and are mainly characterized by symptoms of upper respiratory tract defeat.

The most common symptoms of colds are runny nose, coughing, burning and burning in the throat, high body temperature and general feeling of being unwell. Symptoms of a cold are not significantly different and rapid development of complications, but their appearance significantly reduces the quality of life, long-term exclusion of a person from the social and social environment, so it is important to protect against colds.


Infectious diseases, known under the general name "cold", are very contagious and spread in densely populated megacities from a sick person to a person very quickly.

Preferably, the spread is airborne (with cold, cough, with the smallest particles of saliva). In contact with a sick person, actively spreads around the virus particles, within 2-3 days, usually develops an active cold with all the symptoms characteristic of it. Duration of the disease is 7-10 days.

However, the immunity against the transmitted viral disease is rather unstable. This is due to the fact that the colds cause different viruses, so the chance to get sick with a cold just after healing is very large.

Protect from colds

Protecting from a cold means the use of a set of methods that helps prevent infection with a viral infection and lead an active lifestyle even during the cold season. Cold defenses are usually divided into 2 large groups.

1. Immunostimulatory methods. The use of these methods is based on strengthening all the mechanisms of the work of immunity through the use of medicinal or natural products or methods.

2. Barrier methods, the effect of which is related to the mechanical impediment of penetration of viruses into the human body.

3. Combination of both methods.

The main areas of protection from colds are the preservation of a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet with a sufficient amount of foods rich in natural vitamins, frequent outdoor walks, sports and full sleep), as well as the use of medicines - various immunomodulatory drugs (biogenic stimulants, Contain enzymes of bacteria of pathogens, interferons).

These remedies increase the natural defenses of the immune system of the human body and help to effectively cope with aggressive viral particles that cause symptoms of a cold. Protecting from a cold by using immunostimulating methods is not always convenient due to the rhythm of modern rates of life, which excludes long-term searches for useful foods, long walks and healthy sleep, as well as ambiguous reactions of the human body to many drugs.

Barrier methods

These methods are associated with the use of medicines (various ointments and gels that create the effect of the film on the surface of the nasal mucus and keep virions on their surface) or mechanical means (gauze or paper sterile dressings that cover the upper respiratory tract from the penetration of the viral Particles)

Protecting from a cold by means of barrier methods is not always convenient in everyday life and in public life, as well as dangerous - many barrier methods of protection can in themselves serve as a source of infection, accumulate on their surface a large number of viral particles (with an untimely change in the Ointment or ointment layer).

Exit is!

The most effective way is to combine both methods, which is expressed in the use of drugs that have a dual mechanism of action. One such drug is the gel of the drug VIFERON®, a drug from the group of recombinant interferons.

When applied, the gel forms a solid film that prevents a viral attack from the outside. The gel persists on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and does not require re-application throughout the day. The drug interferon in the composition of Viferon-gel provides effective support to the immune system of the body and does not inhibit the development of its own interferon. Its use is possible from the first days of life.

Protect against colds
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