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My Face Skin Demodex Video (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Microscopic mites of the genus demodex are not the only parasites of our skin, which usually do not cause a disease, having a small number.

These mites live in hair follicles and sebaceous glands, eating sebum. In the external environment or from the action of disinfectants, they quickly die. For a long time, ticks can live outside the host in butter, in a greasy cream. At temperatures of + 30-40 degrees in mites, a violent livelihood begins, therefore Aggravation of demodicosis Associated with a hot season or prolonged stay in the hot room, the adoption of hot baths.

Under unfavorable conditions, when the immunity weakens, the tick under the skin is rapidly multiplying and causes the disease - Demodex. Just being in a hot environment, under the sun - the main of the provocative factors. Other provocative factors may include eye surgery, acne and other skin lesions. In addition, internal diseases such as diabetes mellitus, nervous, vascular and gastrointestinal tract, lead to a decrease in immunity and contribute to the onset of this parasitic skin disease.

Favorite places of defeats by Demodekosis are the face and the edges of the eyelids, rarely hairy part of the head and other areas of the skin. With large clusters of mites in hair follicles, hair (or eyelashes) perish and fall out. Anybody can become blind, regardless of gender and age.

Clip under the skin

Symptoms of the disease are often similar to acne rashes. With demodexis, the skin also rashes on the skin, they can be accompanied by small bubbles, peeling of the skin. Redness of the skin of the face appears at the peak of the activity of the pathological process, then, with the decrease in the number of individuals of the tick, the color of the skin becomes normal. Sometimes there is a slight itching, pinching or "crawling ants".

If the illness is amazed by the eyelids, then the patients experience itchy eyelids and eyebrows, a feeling of an outsider body or sand in the eyes, fatigue and weight of the century, in the morning there is a glue separation along the edge of the century, and during the day accumulate foamy mass in the corners of the eyes. At Demodex, the functions of the glands of the skin and the edges of the eyelids are broken, their mouths are enlarged and when pressed from them, a dense liquid (used in diagnostics) may appear. The presence of a tick in the hair follicle is determined under a microscope.

Treatment of demodicosis is prolonged, it takes 1 1.5 months or more. The complex of treatment includes drugs that inhibit the number of mites, anti-inflammatory and symptomatic drugs, as well as physiotherapy. The skin is disinfected with 2% salicylic alcohol or tincture of wormwood, including the edges of the eyelids. Then apply metrogyl gel, and after 1-1,5 hours - ointment Dmalan, prevailing mite. Processing is done several times a day. In the event of eye damage, an additional antiglaucoma medication that paralyzes the mite, as well as anti-dry syndrome (natural tear, ophthagel, midsole) are prescribed.

After the end of the main course of treatment, the purpose of restoring the eyelashes, prescribing the rubbing of the rapeseed oil in the eyelids, lasted forever. Physical therapy complements medical therapy. Properly administered treatment leads to recovery, but demodicosis is often recurrent, so it is important to be patient and to undergo treatment to the end. It should also undergo treatment for internal diseases, especially liver, to support immunity.

Restoration of the skin after demodicosis with the help of cosmetic procedures conducted with caution, necessarily using disinfectants and preventive measures against the tick. It is necessary to update the makeup and collect the cream from the jar with the help of cotton sticks or disposable strips of paper, so as not to put the tick in the cream.

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Closure under the skin - demodekoz

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