Click on to get rid of the hangover syndrome

Health And Medical Video: How To Cure A Hangover (February 2019).


Usually, the beginning of the week, many people are accompanied by a sense of creepy hangover, all over the weekend and the desire to relax for all 100%. With a hangover you need to fight right away, because headaches and bad health can lead to irreversible consequences, especially if you need to be active in the workplace.

Experts are aware of effective ways to eliminate the hangover syndrome, which is happy to share with other people. We are accustomed to help with a hangover: sprouted tomatoes, cold showers, physical training and so on, but for sure not everyone knows that fighting a hangover is possible with the help of massage of the fingers on the legs.

So, what points should be pressed to eliminate the signs of a hangover:

1. First, find the point that corresponds to the state of the stomach and its oxygen saturation, it is located immediately under the nail plate on the second toe. You can massage your fingers on both legs, that is, first on one leg, then on the other. The fact is that when alcohol enters a large amount of the body, it fills the stomach with toxins, and not a useful liquid, which results in a hangover syndrome that is based on a person's poor state of health in the field of gastrointestinal tract. Click on a point under your nail and start massaging it clockwise with circular motions, in 1-2 minutes, switch to the massage in the opposite direction.

2. Water is a great massager for you if you become hostage to a hangover, open the cold water and put it under the jet of the wrists of both hands. You can simply keep your hands in a stationary state, or you can drive them sideways or up/down, so you will help the water to affect the nervous points, stimulation of which will lead to the fact that you will immediately feel relief. By the way, experts call this method effective not only after the fact, when you are already bad, but also when you are still in a state of intoxication and understand that they are a little overcome.

3. Now you need your hands, more precisely your fingers, that's exactly between the index and the fingers somewhere in the middle is the point where the massage disappears pain in the head. And as we know, a hangover without a headache is not a hangover at all. Therefore, hold your left toe with your thumb in your left hand, and place your index finger from below, so you press the skin with two fingers. Literally 30 seconds and you can change hands, repeating the procedure is already on the left hand.

Click on to get rid of the hangover syndrome
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