Chronic pulpit: symptoms and treatments

What Is Pulpitis (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Most often, chronic pulpitis occurs when caries are started. It is accompanied by severe pain and discomfort and may sooner or later lead to tooth loss.

A pulp is a loose connective tissue with a large number of lymphatic and blood vessels and nerves. Pulpit is an inflammation of the pulp, which can lead to the development of periodontitis and complete loss of the tooth.

The most common causes of pulpitis are the complication of caries and the consequence of the doctor's wrong actions (for example, poor-quality filling of the seal or forced preparation of the tooth under the crown without cooling).

Irritation of the pulp can also be caused by the use of potent anesthetics and filling preparations, imposed without a gasket. In addition, pulpitis can be a consequence of mechanical injury to the tooth (chipping, shovel, dislocation, tooth decay).

Symptoms of chronic pulpitis

In dentistry distinguish acute and chronic pulpitis. Acute pulpitis is accompanied by severe sudden pain that arises, usually in the evening or at night. Symptoms of chronic pulpitis are varied and depend on its type.

Chronic pulpit: symptoms and treatments

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