Chronic periodontitis: symptoms and causes of emergence

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Chronic periodontitis is a periodic chronic disease of the periodontal tissue characterized by a violation of the integrity and inflammation of the gum, as well as the destruction of the bone tissue of the alveolar appendix.

This disease, like many chronic, develops and deepens due to the untimely treatment of a sick person to his dentist. Often, patients begin to be injured only when the disease is progressing. In the oral cavity enter the bacteria, which destroy not only soft tissues periodontal, but also solid (bone tissue). As a result, a chronic disease, like periodontitis, can lead to loss of teeth.

Chronic periodontitis: causes of it

In the initial stage, periodontitis does not deliver strong discomfort, so a sick person is in no hurry to go to the hospital. So, for what reasons does this chronic illness arise?

  1. With insufficient good care of the oral cavity, a plaque that is not cleansed from the surface of the tooth is formed, eventually turning into a tooth stone. This leads to the development of periodontitis.
  2. Chronic periodontitis often develops in smokers, since the presence of nicotine in the oral cavity leads to a decrease in the body's resistance to diseases and the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.
  3. Inflammation and destruction of periodontal tissues occurs as a result of malnutrition, lack of vitamins C and B.
  4. Regular administration of medical products leads to dry mouth and a decrease in salivation, which contributes to the appearance of plaque and, as a consequence, postponement of the tooth stone.
  5. In the presence of hereditary pathology and predisposition to the disease, even preventive measures can not provide the expected effect in case of chronic gum disease in the oral cavity.
  6. The cause of periodontitis can be other diseases that lead to a weakening of immunity. In this case, first of all you need to remove the primary cause (a serious chronic disease), and after engaging in the treatment of periodontitis.

In some cases, due to frequent exacerbations, chronic periodontitis may be aggravated by microbial allergies.

Chronic periodontitis: symptoms

Symptoms of such a disease as periodontitis, which has a chronic character, allows more accurate diagnosis of this disease.

Symptoms of acute (generalized) periodontal disease:

  • Increase in the sensitivity of the neck of the teeth;
  • Bad breath;
  • Discomfort during meals;
  • Itching and ripple on the mucous membranes of the gums.

Symptoms of the chronic course of the disease develop in the same direction, but in a more severe form. In the process of exacerbation of the disease, the patient experiences severe anxiety, severe pulsating pain in the mouth and weakness.

People with chronic periodontitis need to strengthen their immune system, to eat well and fully, to clean their teeth regularly and thoroughly, and, moreover, to constantly observe their own doctor-dentist.

Chronic periodontitis: symptoms and causes of emergence

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