Chopped beans can lower cholesterol levels

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"We found a decrease in the level of bad cholesterol by 5 percent when one portion of legumes was consumed per day for 6 weeks," said Vanessa Ha, co-author of the St. Michaelis Clinic in Toronto. One serving is about three quarters of a cup of cooked beans.

The researchers analyzed 26 clinical trials involving thirty-seven men and middle-aged women. Some of the tests took into account healthy adults, while others included patients with cardiovascular disease. When comparing the ration of the participants with their laboratory data, it turned out that the consumption of legumes positively influenced the lipid profiles. "When we compared beans, whips, lentils and peas, we did not find any differences in the effect of lowering the level of cholesterol in different types of legumes," said Ha Beans and other beans have more beneficial effects on men than on women. However, scientists believe that men initially had a higher cholesterol level.

Beans in a daily diet help to improve cholesterol in two different ways. First, they "crowd out" other foods in the diet that are more harmful to the heart and blood vessels - foods high in saturated fats, red meat and cheese, or products with a high glycemic index, such as white rice and white bread. Secondly, beans and peas, as well as lentils and hen are good sources of fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals, which play a role in reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Beans are not the only products that can help reduce cholesterol levels. Earlier studies have shown that eating oats and barley can lower the level of low-density lipoproteins by 5 percent.

Chopped beans can lower cholesterol levels
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