The level of cholesterol can be lowered with strong bergamot tea

Bergamot: Fruit That Protects Your Heart, Lowers Cholesterol And Diabetes -Bergamot Health Benefits (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Earl Gray Tea Lovers await good news. According to scientists, this tea controls day-to-day control of heart disease, writes Zee News. The bottom line is that in this tea, besides the tea itself, contains an extract of bergamot.

And bergamot, as has been proven, reduces cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and vascular disease. That bergamot gives Earl Gray tea its flavor and taste. A detailed study showed that enzymes known in the bergamot extract are known as hydroxides of methyl-glutaral flavonones.

These enzymes can attack proteins that bind to heart disease. According to scientists, supplements from hydroxylmethylglutaril flavonones are as effective as statins that reduce the concentration of low-density lipoprotein ("harmful cholesterol"). And, unlike statins, flavonones will NOT cause side effects.

Earlier, scientists have shown that five cups of tea and more per day - this is the solution for those who want to reduce the risk of developing a prostate cancer by one third. Reduced probability that the cancer will reach the fourth phase is 33%, and that reaching the second phase - 25%.

The positive effect of tea is associated with flavonoids, which have anti-cancer properties. In this case you can safely add to the tea milk, sugar, lemon. They will not reduce efficiency. According to expert estimates, in one cup of tea contains 150-200 mg flavonoids.

This is one of the most valuable sources of these compounds.

The level of cholesterol can be lowered with strong bergamot tea

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