Health And Medical Video: Acute Cholecystitis - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Pathology (April 2019).


Cholecystitis is called painful sensation caused by an inflamed bile that produces bile, which appears as a result of complications of the disease caused by stones in it. Almost every tenth city dweller suffers from the symptoms of the disease. Usually cholecystitis exacerbates against the background of gallstone disease.

Annually in the surgical departments of domestic hospitals, a lot of operations are carried out, where decisions are made about anorexia of the bubble that produces bile present at the very last stage of exacerbation.

This disease is most often struck by a female body whose age is forty years old. Cholecystitis is divided into an acute and chronic form of course.

Manifestation of cholecystitis and its classification

Sharp form

Diseases with this course are also divided into the following forms:

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