Zhovchenkamyan disease: treatment without transmission

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Gallstone disease is one of the most common diseases of the gall bladder. In some cases it is possible to carry out successful treatment of gallstone disease without resorting to surgical intervention.

The main reason for the development of gallstone disease is the formation of stones in the gall bladder, which are formed as a result of metabolic disorders. Causes are most often inflammatory processes or infections in the gallbladder.

Treatment of cholelithiasis with a non-surgical method is carried out in two ways today. The first of these is the administration of drugs that help dissolve stones. The second method is the impact-wave effect on the stone, divides them into small pieces, which are subsequently removed from the body.

Dissolution of stones in the gall bladder with the help of medicines

For the elimination of stones used drugs based on ursodeoxycholic acid. Usually the course of treatment is several months, with the patient being under constant medical supervision.

This method of treatment is suitable for getting rid of small stones up to 2 cm. Medicines are powerless in the presence of calculi in the gall bladder. In addition, if the gallbladder has lost its ability to reduce due to the disease, this method of therapy is also ineffective.

Crushing of stones by means of shock-wave action

This technique is based on the impact of shock waves on a stomach in the gallbladder. Usually it is used for crushing stones of cholesterol, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 cm. The crushed stone parts are subsequently naturally removed from the body.

As a rule, after the course of shock wave therapy patients are additionally prescribed drugs that help to dissolve the remnants of stones. As additional measures prescribed therapeutic physical education and physiotherapy procedures.

During treatment, the patient should adhere to a fairly strict diet - his diet excludes roasted, fatty and spicy foods, as well as alcohol. It is necessary to use products containing a large amount of plant fiber. In addition, a good effect is the consumption of therapeutic mineral water.

Effective treatment

The success of treatment is determined, in particular, by strict adherence to the doctor's prescriptions and maintenance of normal body weight. Dosage of physical activity, mud baths, sanatorium treatment - all this together with basic therapy gives a good effect, allowing you to get rid of stones in the gall bladder.

Zhovchenkamyan disease: treatment without transmission

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