Chinese slimming pills: maximum side effects

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As most women who lose weight, Chinese diet pills are a very effective remedy. And despite the fact that the country has a formal ban on their distribution, on the shelves of many stores can still be found a large assortment of Chinese pills.

Chinese pills for weight loss - are they effective and harmless, as most of the women who are losing weight think? Not at all. The pity of these drugs has been proved by more than one consumer, but the popularity of Chinese pills does not weaken. Tea, capsules, patches, powders, pills - which is not only offered to us by the Chinese pseudomedicine. It should be noted that by offering diet pills, Chinese manufacturers do not care about consumer safety. And, despite the differences in the name of the drugs, most of them have the same effect.

Chinese pills for weight loss Lida - benefit or harm?

One of the most famous Chinese products for weight loss are capsules "Lida". According to manufacturers recommendations, such tablets can be used at any stage of obesity, as well as bulimia, swelling and chronic overeating. In addition, manufacturers of this drug say that "Lida" enough effectively cleaves fat deposits, helping to get rid of weight forever and at the same time providing the body with the necessary nutritional elements. Oddly enough, after so many positive responses, people who use Chinese pills for weight loss "Lida", noted in themselves:

  • Total weakness or, conversely, hyperactivity, insomnia;
  • Dizziness and dry mouth;
  • Constipation;
  • Hair loss;
  • Acute nausea;
  • Disruption of the kidneys;
  • Addictive effect.

Does not it really make you think? To make sure you do not doubt the "miracle" properties of Chinese diet pills, let's look at one more example: the "Bash Fruit Extract" pills.

"Basha fruit extract" - regular Chinese pills for weight loss

"Basa fruit extract" is an active biological supplement to food and a known dietary mistake, which, among other things, is hazardous to health. Manufacturers of this drug assure that it improves the metabolism, intensively fights with fatty deposits and helps to lose about 7 kg per week. It is worth noting that by offering these diet pills, Chinese manufacturers are not warning about the occurrence of a number of side effects. As practice has shown, Baza Fruit Chinese pills for weight loss, not only addictive, but also cause:

Chinese slimming pills: maximum side effects
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