Children with edwards syndrome

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Edwards syndrome is called congenital disease that occurs as a result of chromosomal mutations (trisomy in the 18th chromosome pair). The result of these mutations is the formation of numerous developmental defects with hypoplasia (underdevelopment) systems and organs. Boys get sick three times more often than girls, a flaw occurs with a frequency of 1 to 5-7 thousand newborns.

The basis of this pathology is a chromosomal mutation, resulting in one superfluous X-chromosome in the kidney's genome. It is localized in the 18th chromosome pair.

A mutation occurs when the sex cells divide and when the chromosomes diverge, there is a malfunction. The burden of mutations accumulates with age and under the influence of adverse factors. Therefore, children with this syndrome are more often born in families where the father and mother are 35-40 years old. In this case, pregnancy usually carries, the activity of the baby is reduced even in utero, a placenta of small size and is rich in vesicles.

Appearance of children with Edwards syndrome

The birth of children with Edwards syndrome occurs later than the prescribed time, during childbirth often occurs asphyxia, at birth, the apparent fetal hypotrophy is detected, body weight is about 2 kg or even lower.

The appearance of a child with Edwards syndrome, even with the first randomized review, is typical for this disease:

Children with edwards syndrome
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