Children's enuresis: a manifestation of stress

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With the problem of bed wetting in children, many families are familiar. In most cases, the child's enuresis has psychological causes.

Enuresis - a disease characterized by uncontrolled nightly urination in children older than three years. At this age, the child can and must control such things. However, sometimes during sleep, control weakens, which leads to involuntary urination.

Typically, childhood enuresis appears as a result of psychological trauma and profound experiences. Parents often forget that children tend to stress no less, and sometimes more than adults, because they are more vulnerable and sensitive.

Causes of child enuresis

The reason for involuntary urination during sleep can be increased daytime monitoring, which in turn is the result of constant stress, the experiences of the child, his fears to do something wrong and thereby to disturb or irritate the parents. As a result, during the day the child focuses on this problem consciously and unknowingly. At night, there is an opportunity to relieve nervous tension, which leads to a weakening of control and involuntary urination. The wet sheets appeared in the morning, the humiliation associated with them, and the reaction of parents - all this leads to even more stress and increases day-to-day control. There is a vicious circle, when every night episode causes even more stress that provokes the enuresis over and over again.

Another reason for enuresis can be a difficult situation in the family: quarrels, misunderstanding, inability to share their emotions.

Treatment of child enuresis

For adequate and comprehensive treatment of enuresis, you should contact your doctor. There are medical methods of treatment. Acupuncture can help.

However, in any case, it is necessary to eliminate the psychological causes of enuresis. One can not over-emphasize the situation, the more accusations and humiliation of the child. For him, this is a very big problem, something shameful, a mischief that he can not control. Therefore, it is not necessary to punish a child and scold him - this will only aggravate the problem. The task of parents - to give the child as much attention as possible, to try to protect him from stress, quarrels and scandals in the family, to show maximum understanding and care.

Children's enuresis: a manifestation of stress
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