Chicken blindness: symptoms and treatments

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Chicken Blind (Chicken Blindness) is a deterioration of vision in conditions of low light and darkness. The disease brings a special discomfort in the autumn-winter period, when the light day is reduced.

The retina of the eye consists of two types of receptors - sticks and cones. The flasks are responsible for the color sensation and daylight, and the sticks for the night.

In humans, the sticks are 18 times larger than flasks, and in cats - 25 times, so their night vision is better developed. There are no sticks in the chickens, they do not see anything in the dark. Therefore, chicken blindness is often called chicken blindness.

With the destruction of the sticks in the retina of the eye or the lack of vitamin A needed for their functioning, twilight and night vision deteriorate.

Types of chicken blindness

Chicken blindness occurs in three types:

Chicken blindness: symptoms and treatments
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