Ceramic bracket system: features

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In modern dentistry, the ceramic bracelet system is widely used to correct the wrong bite. Unlike systems made of metal, ceramic braces look more aesthetically and imperceptible on the teeth. That is why they are preferred by adult patients.

Ceramic devices are attached to the outside of the tooth row, so they are referred to the vestibular type. They can be picked up under any shade of enamel and when worn, they will be practically not visible on the teeth.

If you compare a ceramic bracket system with sapphire, then the first has a matt structure that does not pass the light and will not shine. The material of the ceramic devices is perfectly attached to the surface of the tooth, in addition, the ceramic does not change color over time due to food and drinks.

Every year, manufacturers of ceramic bracket systems make their dental equalization devices more and more effective.

Ceramic Bracket System: Benefits

  • Structural strength;
  • The absence of defects is guaranteed by the precision of production qualities;
  • The possibility of managing the treatment;
  • Modern mechanism of fixing on teeth;
  • Affordable price.

Ceramic bracket systems are ligatarnyh and bezligaturnye. The choice of the type of system is determined by the physician and can affect the timing of achieving the first positive results in the course of treatment. But the period of wearing the system as a whole does not change.

Ceramic bracket system: features of care

Despite the fact that the ceramic is a solid material, it is also prone to deformation. This can happen due to improper care of the system in the process of wear, which leads to the certainty of the ceramics.

The main requirement of orthodontics for patients with ceramic braces is the strict observance of oral hygiene. The braces are in constant close contact with the teeth, so the food can often be stuck in the system. With this problem will help to handle the special brushes, resembling brushes for bottles.

Ceramic bracket system: terms of wearing

The ceramic bracket system is set for the period recommended by the physician when composing an individual treatment plan.

The duration of wearing braces depends on the condition of the patient's oral cavity, as well as on the complexity of the pathology that needs to be corrected. If there is a breakage of the system or the metal arch lags behind the ceramic groove, treatment can be delayed. In general, its duration is from 1 to 3 years.

The cost of a ceramic bracket system is indicated by the doctor and depends on the degree of complexity of each particular case.

Ceramic bracket system: features

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