Causes of toothache

Endodontics - What Causes A Tooth Ache (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The most common diseases of the teeth.

A tooth is a small bone formation that can deliver you so much inconvenience, and even, do not be afraid of this word, suffering! Who had no sleepless nights, because of a wild toothache. At such moments, the people around us, of course, regret, but condemn: it was necessary to treat their teeth in time! Why can a tooth be ill, before you list the most common dental ailments.

Tooth decay begins with a local change in PH on its surface under the toothbrush. This process is preceded by demineralization. At one fine moment to the tooth, important minerals that are necessary for its natural protection are stopped. Then the microorganisms ruthlessly attack the enamel, and its destruction begins.


This illness affects 95% of the world's population


Destruction of enamel and hard tissue of the tooth is its characteristic features. The reasons for the emergence of caries are many: poor heredity, lack of immunity, carbohydrate abuse, protein deficiency, poor oral hygiene.

Caries develops from a small spot, first white, and then yellow. Then it gradually forms a cavity in the tooth, which deepens more and more with each passing day. Adding oils to the fire of the bacteria that enter the cavity with residues and food. The resulting rot caused to deepen the cavity even more. Caries is insidious because he often passes painlessly. When the tooth begins to remind yourself, most likely it came to pulpitis.


When the toothpaste dries the hard tooth and gets to the pulp (pulp), pulpitis begins. The inflammatory process is injured by nerve endings, which are many in the pulp. The harder the soft tissue is affected, the more difficult it is for you. Patients experience a particularly strong pain at night. There is no more sleep!

When pulpitis it often happens that the aching tooth passes as if by itself and many think that the disease has passed. Not here was it! In fact, there was a decrease in intrapulmonary pressure, and the process of destruction did not stop, but moved to a new, more difficult stage. For pulpitis it should be periodontitis.


When the process of decomposition reaches the surrounding tissue tooth and root cavity, this disease begins, which can lead to loss of tooth. It is not difficult to distinguish it from pulpitis - pulmonary pain is observed during periodontitis, which becomes even stronger with a mechanical load on a diseased tooth.

Any, even a weak chewing gum with periodontitis provokes a lot of pain. With all this, the temperature can rise to 37.5 degrees. So the body reacts to the inflammation in your mouth and shouts for help.


This disease is in no way associated with caries. It can develop even if you have healthy teeth. True, people who are wearing crowns are more likely to face him. After 30 years, the paradontitis suffers a large part of the population. This is an inflammatory process in tissues that surround the tooth root. It may also be in the gums or alveoli. The causes of this disease are not fully understood. However, many doctors believe that all the fault of the inevitable age-related changes in the body, which are reflected on their teeth including.

Periodontitis begins with itching, burning, numbness in the area of ​​the gum. Then it can lead to reddening and puffiness. This probability of the disease can be minimized through good care of the oral cavity, the use of rigid, plant foods, regular dentist reviews.

Periodontal disease

Periodontitis is gum inflammation, which occurs due to accumulation of pathogens in the oral cavity of the mouth. Often arises due to insufficient care of the oral cavity, as well as it can provoke smoking, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, vitamin C deficiency.

In periodontal disease, germs loosen gum tissue, break down tooth-joint compounds. Dental plaque penetrates deeper, hardening and damaging the gums and tooth enamel. The so-called tartar is formed.

About parodontitis are indicated by reddened, swollen, inflamed gums, which often bleed. When ulcerative gingivitis is one of the varieties of this disease, cells of manure may appear around the teeth, as well as small bleeding wounds. The best prevention of periodontal disease is the qualitative care of the oral cavity, including the professional cleaning of the teeth.

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Causes of toothache

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