Causes of numbness of the teeth

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Sometimes a person may encounter such an unpleasant symptom as numbness of teeth. There may be several reasons for this condition.

Many people describe numbness of teeth as a feeling of "freezing", a complete loss of sensitivity of the affected teeth. Some people prefer to endure this inconvenience. But it is better to consult a physician to find out the cause of this condition.

The main causes of numbness of the teeth

Numbness of teeth is explained by the phenomenon of paresthesia. This term means unexpectedly an unpleasant feeling of numbness, burning, tingling, "crawling ants" and others like them. Often paresthesia of the teeth is caused by damage to various difficulties of the mandibular nerve. The main causes of such damage may be:

  • Unprofessional actions of the doctor during implantation of the teeth, in which the channel of the mandibular nerve is damaged;
  • Stroke in the jaw;
  • Illiterate tooth treatment.

Such damage, except numbness of the teeth, leads to pain or disturbance of sensitivity in the area of ​​the cheeks, lips, gums, and tongues. Damage to the mandibular nerve can often cause respiration of the tongue or lips, abundant salivation. Possibility of discomfort when swallowing, chewing, smoking, talking, applying make-up, shaving.

The main types of damage to the mandibular nerve are stretching, smashing, partial or complete rupture.

Limitation of teeth: treatment

The treatment of dental morbidity is carried out according to the revealed cause of the disease. In some patients, damage to the mandibular nerve can be effectively eliminated by applying adequate non-surgical treatment. In other patients, numbness of teeth can be successfully cured only by using microsurgical techniques.

The timeliness of such surgery is very important. If a patient experiences paresthesia within 3 months, it is very difficult to significantly restore the sensitivity of the teeth. A year after the nerve injury, restoration of sensitivity will not even be able to surgically interfere.

In addition to medical treatment, the physician assigns physiotherapy to the patient. Well recommended in the therapy of this disease are the following physiotherapy procedures:

  • UHF therapy;
  • Electrophoresis with analgesic drugs, which impose on the affected part of the face;
  • Procedures with diadynamic currents;
  • Laser therapy

In any case, the treatment is individually selected for each patient. The doctor determines the expediency of one or another complex of treatment methods.

Numbness of teeth is a rather unpleasant sensation. But worse, such a sign can be a symptom of a rather serious illness. Therefore, it is very important to apply for qualified medical assistance in a timely manner.

Causes of numbness of the teeth
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