Causes of numbness of fingers

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Thumbnail numbness is a widespread phenomenon, and not only persons of retirement age, but also quite young people are faced with this problem. The lack of sensitivity of the extremities changes with a sense of tingling, and sometimes a pain in pain.

If you exclude such situations when a person is asleep in an uncomfortable position, one can accurately say that numbness of hands and fingers is a symptom of a disease. Most often it indicates a circulation disorder or problems with the spine, but sometimes the cause may be a stroke or thrombosis of the upper limb.

In this case, it is urgent to ask for help, since otherwise you can lose your hands and even life.

What caused numbness of the tips of the fingers

The list of causes of numbness of the fingers is wide enough. For example, the large and index fingers dull, as a rule, with osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebral column. Injury and inflammation of the elbow lead to similar sensations in the middle and index fingers. When heart disease is often rubbed with a little finger and anonymous finger.

You can not generalize these cases: only the doctor can establish the correct diagnosis.

Consequently, the causes of numbness of fingers are:

  • Disturbance of spine function;
  • Nerve pinching
  • Cervical osteochondrosis;
  • Stroke
  • diabetes;
  • Intervertebral hernia;
  • Squeezing the nerves in the elbow, ankle or wrist;
  • Rheumatism and inflammation of the joints;
  • Thrombosis of the upper extremities;
  • Defeat of nerves due to hereditary diseases, or as a result of pathological changes in joints;
  • Disturbance of blood circulation in the limbs;
  • Raynaud's syndrome;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Lack of vitamins (especially B12) and trace elements;
  • Endocrine system disease;
  • Injuries;
  • Alcohol abuse.

Diagnosis of pathology

In order to exclude and prevent serious violations of cerebral circulation, accurate and timely diagnosis of the disease is required.

For complaints of numbness of fingers, the doctor may prescribe the following research methods:

  • Roentgenography of the cervical spine. It is recommended to take pictures in several projections, as this will help to most accurately locate the location of compression of the nerves and vessels;

  • Dopplerography (examination of permeability) of the arteries of the spine and neck;
  • Magnetic resonance angiography of the vessels of the vertebrobasilar zone and the brain;
  • Electroencephalography;
  • Echoencephalography;
  • Magnetic resonance and computer scan of the cervical spine and brain.

It is possible to start detailed diagnostics of the disease only by making sure that there is no pathology from the central nervous system.

Treatment of numbness of fingers

The choice of treatment tactics depends on the cause of the violation in the upper extremities. Methods of therapy can vary greatly and are selected individually in each particular situation. For example, ways to treat numbness of fingers with osteochondrosis will be harmed by Raynaud's disease, which is true in the opposite case.

Sometimes it changes clothes and special exercises, but if the result confirmed diagnosis of dangerous diseases such as circulatory disorders or diabetes, need drug therapy and treatment to specialists of the profile.

When numbness of the fingertips is due to osteochondrosis, acupuncture is a good help, which is the eastern method of treatment. Sometimes it is permissible to use methods of folk medicine, but only after preliminary consultation and approval of the doctor.

Treatment by folk remedies

Non-traditional recipes and tools are often used at home in light of their availability, low cost, and ease of use. However, it is understood that they are intended to temporarily relieve pain and numbness, that eliminate or facilitate symptom, but the root cause is not treated.

Below are some of them:

Pumpkin porridge. Apply in warm shape throughout the length of the hand, wrapped around the woolen handkerchief. Repeat the procedure until it comes alright.

Salty cucumbers. Cut into cubes, add 3 crushed pods of red pepper and pour 0.5 l of vodka. Insist in a dark place for 7 days, then strain and rub the resulting tool brush and fingers.

Muddy is wet. Leave the plants in tincture apple vinegar one week, the ratio of ingredients - 1: 3. Rub the problem areas 3 times a day before the appearance of relief.

Among folk methods of treatment of numbness of fingers can be noted Contrast baths. You must take two containers and pour them into a cold water, and in another - hot (the temperature should be as supreme, but not to get burned). Then, one by one, let hands be dropped in both containers at an interval of one minute. This procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

Prevention of numbness of fingers

To prevent the development of the disease, and hence numbness, it is possible to take care of prevention. The following few tips will help reduce the risk of developing pathologies of the joints and vessels that lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • Adherence to the principles of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle;
  • Denial of bad habits - nicotine and alcohol;
  • The advantage is natural, not synthetic fabrics when choosing gloves;
  • Regular breaks in the work (every 40-45 minutes) and the execution of a charge for hands, which helps to activate blood circulation.

In a sedentary way of life, the risk of numbness of the fingertips increases, so in the morning and during the day it is necessary to perform the following set of physical exercises:

After waking up, do not lift from the bed, raise your fists upwards, and then squeeze them and squeeze 50 times. Then pull your hands along the trunk and repeat the exercise again; Stand on the socks face to the wall, raise your hands up and stay in that position for a few minutes. Repeat exercise 5-7 times a day; Press the palms to each other, cross the fingers and squeeze and squeeze them about 30 times.

With these simple exercises you can prevent the feeling of numbness of fingers on your hands. But if the symptom still appeared, do not delay or engage in self-treatment, it is necessary to contact the neuropathologist as soon as possible. Correct and timely treatment is a guarantee of recovery and maintaining the mobility of the fingers.

Causes of numbness of fingers
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