Causes of frequent urination after overcooling

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If a person suffers from overcooling, frequent urination may be a symptom of an unpleasant illness.

Overcooling reduces the local immunity of the body and, in addition, provokes infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. A person who has been overcooled, frequent urination can cause serious troubles.

Frequent urination is called the medical term "polyuria". Polyuria is a symptom of many diseases in both women and men. After postponed hypothermia, polyuria may indicate such diseases.

  1. Cystitis. The most common disease is genitourinary organs, in which the walls of the bladder are inflamed. This disease is mainly characteristic of women. Due to the anatomical features of the female body, the infection in the bladder of women gets much easier than in the bladder men.

The main symptoms of cystitis:

Causes of frequent urination after overcooling
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