Causes of dysbacteriosis: why a belly bloat

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Harmony in the intestines is a guarantee of health. What is the cause of dysbiosis.

Dysbacteriosis - a disturbance of bacterial balance in the intestines. To establish the scale of such violations is possible only after special tests in microbiological laboratories. Only doctor can appoint treatment.

The fact that harmony in the intestine is a guarantee of health, we have all heard. Now even a fashionable occasionally to bring the intestinal microflora in order - the blessing, every possible means for this is advertised by many. Thus, what is dysbiosis, many know only from the rumors.

Consequently, dysbiosis is indeed a disturbance of the bacterial balance inside the intestine. Only to establish the scale of such violations is possible only after special tests in microbiological laboratories, and the appointment of treatment can only doctor.

Dysbacteriosis: Causes and Risk Factors

Consider the main risk factors for the disease with dysbiosis and call those age periods that dysbiosis most humorous.

Newborn babies include a risk group for developing dysbiosis, especially if their mothers suffered from toxicosis during pregnancy, and births were mild. If the mother was irrationally eating, ill with infectious diseases, BV or mastitis, there is a huge probability that the child will have dysbiosis.

According to statistics, dysbiosis often affects children who have been born as a result of a cesarean section, or very weakened newborns.

Later applying to the chest, as well as early artificial feeding, can also serve as a development of dysbiosis. This disease is accompanied by dyspepsia, frequent colds and infectious diseases in the first year of life. Inappropriate nutrition, frequent infections and hormonal transformations in the body lead to dysbiosis in older children.

Regardless of age, dysbiosis often occurs in those who suffer from constipation, does not deny itself the long-term use of cleansing enema and urinotherapy. To dysbiosis also lead immunobuslovlennye and allergic diseases. Intestinal microflora is also disturbed due to surgical interventions and radiation and chemotherapy.

Dysbacteriosis is a frequent guest in those who have long been treated with antibiotics, undergoing an intensive course of hormone therapy, used to treat nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Quite often banal and insidious stress, especially if it is a standard of life, is the cause of imbalance in the intestine.

One way or another, before dealing with dysbiosis, it is necessary to understand why it arose and then to pass the course of treatment offered by doctors.

In addition, it is important to strengthen your body, eat well and avoid prolonged emotional tension.

Causes of dysbacteriosis: why a belly bloat
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