Causes of coughing after eating

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Many people face a problem like coughing after eating. The reason for this phenomenon can hide practically in any of a lot of diseases, therefore first of all it is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination.

Some of us just do not pay attention to what appears to be a cough after eating, but he can persecute a person for many years. Cough occurs in most cases is one of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which has a chronic course due to repeated spontaneous dehydration of the duodenal or gastric contents in the esophagus, resulting in affection of the lower part of the esophagus.

For some reason there is a cough

Doctors believe that cough after a meal can be associated not only with GERD, but also with asthma. You can establish an exact diagnosis only after a complete examination. In the first case, the patient is experiencing heartburn, gradually developing into a wound. Sometimes GERD only complicates the course of asthma, and its attacks become more frequent because of this.

The greatest danger of such a phenomenon as a constant cough after eating, is asthma, since this disease is not subject to conventional treatment with anti-asthma medications. Moreover, treatment not only can not lead to the expected result, but significantly worsen the patient's condition, causing a number of complications.

As a rule, after eating a cough is accompanied by the secretion of sputum accumulated in the bronchi. It is possible that the cause is any food allergy-causing product, or a component that is present in one of your favorite foods or dishes.

A cough after a meal can also be caused by peptic ulcer or other disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, which is why the therapist sends the patient to the gastroenterologist. Fighting this problem involves not only medical treatment, but also other compulsory conditions.

  1. Exception of eating before bedtime.
  2. Refusal to smoke.
  3. Fighting overweight, if any.
  4. The maximum limit on the consumption of calories and fatty foods.

All this is simply necessary in order to permanently get rid of a constant cough after eating.

Treatment of the disease

Elimination of cough after meals involves the intake of antacid drugs that prevent the damage to the stomach juice of the respiratory tract and pharynx, as this leads to irritation of the mucous membranes and the appearance of soothing cough.

After a meal, a cough may well appear due to dehydration, because in order to digest the food you need a certain amount of fluid. There is a similar problem commonly in the elderly. Doctors advise in this case to drink at least 300 ml of water after eating.

In the event that after eating a cough occurs in the child, parents should as soon as possible address this problem to the doctor, as the cause may be irritation of tracheobronchial tree receptors, which appears as a result of the ingestion of a foreign body in the airways.

Any disease requires treatment, otherwise complications can not be avoided. Therefore, it is not necessary to delay the visit to the doctor.

Causes of coughing after eating

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