Causes and symptoms of heart failure

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Heart failure is a clinical syndrome that is associated with acute or chronic heart problems. This, in turn, provokes insufficient blood supply to organs and tissues.

Heart failure is acute and chronic - it all depends on how fast it develops. It is known that the acute form of this disease may be due to trauma, toxin action, heart disease and without treatment can quickly lead to fatal outcome.

But the chronic form of heart failure develops over a long period of time and manifests itself as a complex of symptoms characteristic of this disease. Among them: shortness of breath, fatigue and decreased physical activity, edema. All this is indirectly due to inadequate perfusion of organs and tissues in rest or under stress and often with fluid retention in the body.

What serves as a catalyst for the development of this disease in any form of manifestation? The main causes of heart failure most often include heart damage or violation of its ability to pump the required amount of blood into vessels. Among the diseases that become the cause of heart failure are listed:

Causes and symptoms of heart failure
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