Causes and symptoms of autonomic neurosis

Autonomic Nervous System Disorders - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More… (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

It is necessary to know that when doctors are diagnosed with "vegetonevroz", the symptoms can be very different. How does this disease take place and what is causing its appearance? Some patients begin to complain about pain in the heart, and cardiologists do not find any diseases. There are nausea, vomiting and violation of emptying, and gastroenterologists declare that their part in the body is all right. It turns out that the fault of all is the nervous system.

It is known that in the human body there are many functions that it is incapable of regulating itself - for example, breathing, palpitations, gastric juice, the reaction of the pupils to light. By the idea of ​​nature, all this should work without the participation of a person, under the control of the autonomic nervous system. And if this system started to crash, then, just there is a vegetative neurosis, which has a variety of symptoms and can be manifested in various areas.

There are several types of this disease.

Vegetative skin syndrome Is manifested when the skin becomes more sensitive, the color of the skin becomes marble or cyanotic, the skin is made dry or moist, sometimes itching.

Vegetative-allergic syndrome Occurs mainly due to food allergies and is expressed by non-vitaia, rash (urticaria), edema of Quincke.

Vegetative-visceral syndrome - these are disorders of the intestine, bladder, bile drainage and metabolism. In this case, swallowing may occur and there are "false" manifestations of angina pectoris.

Vegetative-trophic syndrome leads to erosions and trophic ulcers. On the background of this disease in patients, muscular atrophy is quite possible.

The vasomotor syndrome is due to pressure transitions. People begin to complain of dizziness, nausea, headache, muscle and joint pain, stomach pains.

There are also many reasons for this multidisciplinary disease. These are craniocerebral traumas, and infectious diseases are transmitted, and the individually arranged nervous system, and chronic stress, the general depletion of the body. Secondary causes are called malnutrition, an unfavorable way of life, bad habits, lack of sleep.

Parents should know and remember that in children, this disease can occur on the background of a prolonged tense situation in the family, coupled with constant scandals and fights. If a child becomes a witness to such conflicts, she is experiencing prolonged stress, which, as she grows up, can trigger an illness.

Causes and symptoms of autonomic neurosis

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