Causes and methods of treatment of herpes

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Herpes is considered a disease, moreover, it has an infectious nature, that is, it is transmitted from human to man. The herpes is very "alive", it affects skin cells and it is well absorbed there, with each passing time more and more multiplying. No matter how sad it sounds, but curing herpes is a rather difficult task, but the chances are the main thing - not to neglect them.

Often, those who have weakened immunity are prone to herpes infections. There are several types (types) of herpes:

1. The first type of herpes is characterized by rashes on the lips.

2. The second type most often affects the external genitalia.

3. A third type or, as it is called, chickenpox, occurring in childhood.

4. A fourth type of herpes occurs due to the introduction of the Epstein-Barr virus into the human body, becoming a mononucleosis.

5. The fifth type of herpes is cytomegalovirus.

6, 7 and 8 types of herpes doctors consider "sudden", that is, rash on the skin and infection of the skin appear for unknown reasons. Although, doctors believe that these three types of herpes are interconnected and appear because of the fact that the immune system is weakened, there is a sense of chronic stress and fatigue, etc.

When infected with herpes, people will not immediately realize that the infection has already begun to spread throughout the body. Only a few days or a week on the skin and mucous membranes there will be bubbles, areas of skin around the rash can swell strongly and accompanied by the disease will be unpleasant sensations. Very rarely, a person who is infected may experience severe weakness throughout the body, dizziness or nausea.

Doctors have not yet found any medicine that could completely eliminate herpes, but there are drugs that can help him "sleep." There are also herpes retsidades, but most likely it is preceded by weakened immunity or overcooling/overheating of the body.

Most importantly, according to physicians, begin treatment of herpes even at that stage, when the bubbles just brewing, in this case, may have time to stop their development. Already when a rash appeared to turn to the dermatologist, the doctor will prescribe an effective ointment or, if the situation so demands, the necessary antibiotics and antiviral drugs. You should not be treated without a doctor's supervision, because independent treatment may not lead to recovery and, worse, provoke side effects and remissions.

Causes and methods of treatment of herpes
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