Causes and diagnosis of injury injury oka

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Penetrating eye injury is a rather serious damage to the organs of vision. And it is accompanied by such damage by injury, infection and even loss of internal eye structures.

Eyes are a very vulnerable body. Even minor injuries can lead not only to loss of vision, but even to its loss. This is especially true of penetrating eye injury.

Causes of penetrating eye damage

The main cause of penetrating damage is usually sharp objects that accidentally fall into the eye area. These can be fragments, knives, nails, glass and other objects. Also, in a separate group, firearms are injured. By its location wounds are divided into types:

  • Scleral, when only the sclera is affected;
  • Cornea, when only the cornea is affected;
  • Corneoscleral, when the damage passes from the cornea to sclera.

The size and shape of the wound always depend on the speed, size and type of object that it was applied to. Isolated wounds of sclera and cornea are very rare. Much more often, in the wound process, a structure that is slightly deeper is damaged. In this case, the shell of the vitreous body falls out, an intraocular hemorrhage occurs from the wounded vessels, the lens and the retina are affected. It is these injuries that results in a penetrating eye injury.

Diagnosis of penetrating eye injury

The most important place in the diagnosis is a review using a slit lamp. If there are any doubts in this process and there is no possibility to give a real assessment of the depth of damage to the cornea, then to check the leakage of the fluid from the eye using a special paint, which is made from fluorescein solution.

More complete and detailed information on the state of the structure and the orbit of the eyeball can be obtained during ultrasound examination. All patients who have been infiltrated with eye injury should make X-rays obligatory to make sure that there is no extraneous body in the eye itself.

Treatment of penetrating damage to the eyeball

Any penetrating injury must be surgically treated. The purpose of the surgery is to restore the integrity of the eye and eliminate all possible ways to get infected. In case of insignificant damage to the inner shell, it can be fixed back, but if the injured lens is cloudy, it should be removed so that no inflammatory process occurs.

No one can ever give a guarantee that the victim's vision will be restored or even saved. And the most important thing in this matter is a careful attitude to their own health in all conditions.

Causes and diagnosis of injury injury oka
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