Capturing white bread inevitably leads to weight gain - nutritionists

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At the European Congress on Fighting Obesity, nutritionists have sharply criticized the mass habit of consuming a lot of white bread. It is white bread that contributes to gaining weight, experts believe.

The study, which proved that loaves and buns are to blame for the frightening growth in the statistics of overweight people, was carried out by scientists from the University of Navarre in Spain. Their five-year surveillance of their health and the weight of almost 10,000 people revealed a connection between the love for bread-sweets and the tendency for a set of extra pounds. The researchers found that people who eaten at least 120 grams of white bread per day gained weight by 40 percent more often than those who eaten no more than 60 grams or less per day.

Speaking at the congress with a report on their work, the experts told about the following pattern. It turned out that white bread lovers usually do not stick to diet and do not strive for a healthy diet. When they were offered to abandon the use of white bread, they replied that they would not be able to do without it.

The concern of Spanish doctors about the current situation with the gross consumption of bread and other products of white flour is shared by their colleagues from other countries. So, the head of the British Association for the Study of Obesity Jason Helford said that white bread has too much sugar and salt, and the nutrients are much less than in bread with bran.

Capturing white bread inevitably leads to weight gain - nutritionists

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