The candidate of medical sciences has told how much alcohol you can drink in pregnancy

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Candidate of medical sciences, Obstetrician-Gynecologist of the highest qualification category of ISIDA-IVF Medical Center Konstantin Gonchar disassembled the myth about moderate consumption of alcohol during child bearing period.

The Internet puts on tips like "Pregnant women can use three to seven glasses of wine a week."

To the journalist's question, is it true, Gonchar replied: "It is not true! Alcohol in any quantity is strictly contraindicated in pregnancy: first, alcohol causes spasm of the blood vessels, and secondly, the products of decomposition of alcohol in the body are toxic to the liver of the pregnant woman and to Fetus".

In addition, he noted that if a woman regularly consumes alcohol during pregnancy, this leads to a delay in intrauterine development and lag behind the mental development of the newborn, as alcohol inhibits the development of the baby.

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Asked if it is possible to smoke pregnant and whether it is advisable to throw a bad habit sharply, the doctor said: "This is totally unacceptable. Studies have been carried out, and there are scientific papers that prove that smoking during childbirth is no less harmful than alcoholism in pregnant women. Leads to a reduction in the weight of the newborn, to the extension of the period of adaptation in the postpartum period and to the reduction of mental development of the child.Currencies causes spasm of the vessels, through which a sufficient amount of nutrients is not fed to the fetus.Therefore, if the mother smokes under the From a pregnancy, a baby is born with a low body weight, with a backlog in development, and in the future it leads to a delay in both the mental and physical development of the child."

He also noted that if a girl who smokes pregnant and wants to have a healthy baby, she must urgently abandon the harmful habit.

But it is better to do it at the stage of pregnancy planning, the doctor said.

The candidate of medical sciences has told how much alcohol you can drink in pregnancy
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